The International School of Herzen University (ISHU) has been an authorized IB Diploma programme school since December 2019.

The admission applications for the IB Diploma programme 2021-2023 are accepted from 24th February 2021.

We answer your queries regarding the IB Diploma programme in the ISHU and provide consultations on the choice of the IB DP subjects from 25.02.2021 till 20.03.2021. The admission tests are conducted from 22.03.2021 to 17.04.2021.

What is included in the admission tests?

  • Interview with the IB coordinator (English)  
  • Motivation Letter
  • English language grammar and vocabulary test (the expected level of the English language is B2 (Common European Frame of Reference)
  • Mathematics exam
  • Other subject tests for the subjects selected for the Higher Level (HL)